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What is the study about?

The 3D Health study is a UCSF funded research study that has the unique opportunity to identify best practices to recruit and share genomic results from a comprehensive genetic test, named whole genome sequencing, in healthy adult diverse populations. Studies like this will inform general physicians, researchers and patients on how to best interpret and manage patients with genetic results, identify barriers and share research data responsibly. This study will also help clinicians and researchers understand the genetic basis of complex conditions and its role in preventive care.

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Meet Us

  • Meet with a study team member over phone or at your UCSF doctor's visit for a few minutes.

  • Review the consent form together.

  • If interested, sign the consent form and fill out a health questionnaire.

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Provide a Sample

  • Provide a saliva sample by spitting in a cup or have an extra tube of blood drawn at your next clinic draw.

  • We will perform a test named "Whole Genome Sequencing"

  • Give permission to review your health information in our electronic health system.



Get Your Results

  • We share the Whole Genome Sequencing results with you either in person or over phone (depending on the findings).

  • Share your results with your UCSF doctor to understand how to use your genetic information to manage your care.

  • Optional: Give permission to share your de-identified data with UCSF researchers and collaborators for future research use.



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