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University of California San Francisco

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3D Health Study

Data Discovery Diversity

Learn about your ancestry and genetic profile.

Help advance science and discovery of new medical treatments through deeper understanding of the link between genes and medical conditions.

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How it Works

Learn more about

How it Works

Learn more about

How it Works

How Does It Work

 You will have to:

  • Sign a consent form with a study team member

  • Give a saliva/blood sample

  • Connect with the team to receive your test results

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How it Works


My Community

  This research can:

  • Lead to new discoveries and improved treatments

  • Help researchers and patients better understand diseases


Privacy Of My Data

  If you opt-in:


  • We might share your de-identified data with researchers and collaborators at UCSF with your permission 

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Your Privacy



   You will receive:


  • No-cost genetic testing

  • Your ancestry

  • Health risk for certain genetic conditions


Frequently Asked Questions

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