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How does it work?

In most cases, we will just take a saliva sample – you will simply be asked to spit into a cup.

  • You may also be asked to provide a blood sample or gives us access to a pre-existing tissue sample instead of a saliva sample.

  • When your results are available, a member of our genetics team will contact you with details.

  • We will share the test results with your doctors and work with them to understand how to best use this information and improve your health.

  • We will also review your medical records regularly until the study ends. In some cases, the study team or one of your UCSF healthcare providers might ask you questions about your medical history. We will store this data and use it for future research.

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How will the research affect my community?

The learnings from this study will help in:

  • Incorporating diverse genetic make-ups in research

  • What diseases are more common in a particular ethnic background? And why?

  • How to better communicate genetic findings in different populations?

  • Inform doctors and other practitioners on how to better care for patients from different ethnicities and backgrounds


Privacy and Security

One of the main goals of this study is to share data with researchers at UCSF and collaborating institutions. We may share your de-identified information about you and your family with other researchers at UCSF. As part of this study, we will also need to store your de-identified data and samples (such as DNA/ genetic data) at UCSF.

We will never share your name or other identifying information outside of UCSF without your permission.

What is Whole Genome Sequencing?

Understanding your genetic information could explain or prevent symptoms or change how you manage your health. Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) is a method for analyzing your entire genetic information, not just looking for individual genes. This is new test. The purpose of this study is to understand how to best recruit patients, consent and share results from this test.

There is no cost for your participation.

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