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3D Health

Data, Discovery, Diversity 

Free genetic test with results and counseling.

Help create a data repository to drive new discoveries.

Learn your ancestry and prevent certain health risks.


 You will receive:

  • No-cost genetic testing

  • Your ancestry

  • Learn, prevent and predict certain health risks


How Does It Work

 You will have to:

  • Sign a consent form 

  • Give a sample

  • Connect with the team

      to receive your test


Learn more about

How it Works


My Community

 This research can:

  • Lead to new discoveries and improved treatments

  • Help researchers and patients better understand diseases


Who is eligible?

  • You are a patient at UCSF

  • You are 18 years or older and can sign a consent form for yourself

  • You don't have any prior genetic diagnosis

What will happen to my data?

  • Your data and samples will be stored securely at UCSF. Your privacy and confidentiality is our utmost priority

  • With your permission we may share your de-identified information with other researchers at UCSF to make new discoveries and improve health for all members of our society

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